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"The veins in my legs looked like a roadmap before I found the Vein Center at HeartCare Associates of Connecticut!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are varicose veins only a cosmetic problem?

Although varicose veins are typically unsightly, they are recognized as a true medical condition. Often, varicose veins are an indication of underlying venous insufficiency, which can lead to swelling, clots, and infection . Early vein treatment can prevent these problems.

Can I afford treatment?

Yes, since vein disease is considered a medical condition, treatment is covered by most insurances.

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Do not suffer from leg pain or swelling, or those unsightly varicose veins anymore!

At HeartCare Associates of CT, our board-certified staff can perform a wide range of safe and effective vein treatments right in the office using non-surgical techniques! We are dedicated to helping you achieve beautiful and healthy legs.

To learn more about achieving the leg veins you desire, call HeartCare today for a free consultation.

Remember, at HeartCare, we don‘t only care about your heart – we care about you!

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